Damn Girl

Wayward [Rodløs] is a sequel to Damn Girl (fucking tøs). More info about Damn Girl can be found on it’s website. As it has only been released in cinema and television it’s not available online – but if you’re interested in a screening a cinematic /televised screening can be arranged for. In Denmark it’s available online at Filmcentralen (geoblocked). You may also learn more about the film at it’s website

Malk de Koijn - musicvideo

To the shortfilm Damn Girl, a related musicvideo was shot and produced using and extending the universe of Alex (the leading role). It can be seen at youtube via this link: Malk de Koijn (musicvideo)

The two shortfilms are written and directed by filmmaker duo of Screenwriter Signe Søby Bech and Director Kira Richards Hansen.