I am interested in the ambivalent feelings that exist behind the facade. As a teenager, everything is new. There are no tools in place to deal with the new emotions. Everything is intense and overwhelming and sudden outbursts set of reactions, actions and consequences.

None of what happens in the flm, happens out of malice. It happens because the characters lose control over internal forces that explodes into violent acts and stems from hurt feelings, reactions to the feeling of loss of control.


When Alex cut herself, it is an attempt to feel something, to connect with herself.
The intention has been to create an atmosphere, which carries the feeling of ’anything can happen’, where the rhythm of the flm supports and highlights the ambivalent emotions of the characters and in the brief fashes expose inner frailty and make the fear of exclusion visible, all of which exist below the surface. The boundaries between illusion and reality are veiled and actual intentions thwarted and blocked by external actions and words that aim to cover uncertainty.

It is the contrasts between the vulnerabilities and the aggressiveness, which spans the area in between the contradictions that exist between the internal and the outer facade.

Rodløs is about not being able to say how you feel, about wanting to reach out, but not knowing how to. The flm is also about regaining dignity after a self- efacing humiliation, to disclaim the feeling of shame and to achieve recovery by turning self-destructive inward movement of outward self-righting action.

Directors Statement by Kira Richards Hansen